Poster teams: Los Cuartreros

In the second of our ‘poster teams’ features, we head to Mexico to talk to the Los Cuartreros team…

The Los Cuartreros team is based in Hermosillo, Sonora, in the north of Mexico. They are (from left to right in the photo): Benigno Romero, Juan Carlos Santos, Luis Felipe Antillón and Francisco Javier Coronado.

Luis Felipe Antillón talks about their impressions of VISTA.

“We feel very proud to be on one of the VISTA posters. The owner of a dealership near us put the poster up in a new meeting room. It looked beautiful!”

Have you any special memories of competing in the final last time round?
“I was very nervous, but as time went by I started to enjoy it. Our special moment was when we needed to start a motor. We had to connect the harness, checking the calibration and joining some parts. At literally the last second, we turned on the engine and it started. Imagine our emotions, it was the best!”

What have you learned through competing in VISTA?
“Work together as a team. The spirit of the competition is special for everyone who participates.”

What are your hopes and ambitions in this year’s competition?
“My hope and the hope of my team is to go to the semi-final in the US, and then the final in Sweden. Really though, we just enjoy the competing.”

Have you any secrets/tips for doing well in VISTA?
“Don’t leave answering the questions until the last minute. We worked each day at the start to answer each question. The teamwork is also key – but don’t tell anybody our secrets!”

On the poster it states that customer satisfaction is up by 26%. How is this measured and how have you achieved it?
“Volvo Mexico has a programme where they call customers to gauge their opinions. They obtained this figure in comparison to the last competition. We are of course very happy, but we know that we must continue to work hard.”

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