Poster teams: Team Benicia

Next up in our poster team feature are Team Benicia, who work at the Truck Center in Dongtan City, South Korea. They are (from left to right in the photo) Shin Seonghwan, Kang Eunsun, Lee Jonghee and Nam Hyojung.

They took time out to answer some questions.

“We are very pleased appear on the poster because we have great memories of VISTA last time. We want to reach the final again if possible.”

What memories do you have of competing in VISTA 2013?
“We travelled to Sydney for the AOS final competition, which was a great chance to make friends who we still keep in touch with. VISTA gives us the best opportunity to make other friends in our region, while also being able to share useful information.”

Is it the same members in the team as were there in 2013?.
“Our current VISTA team members are different from last time. However, we consider ourselves as part of a bigger team – everyone here works together towards the same objective!”

What have you learned through competing in VISTA?
“VISTA is a very important competition for us. There are many systems that we still do not know. However, we find new things through VISTA and learn new applications which we utilise for work. Therefore VISTA is the best teacher!”

What are your hopes and ambitions in this year’s competition?
“Of course our team target is to enter the world final, if the opportunity comes. We want to show a new world to a new team who’s world is wider as a result of VISTA.”

Have you any tips for doing well in VISTA?
“Communication is very important. There are no special ways to solve problems, just try to find solutions in whichever way possible. VISTA is an open book test. We solve problems by mobilising all capabilities. In this way it is the same as working to satisfy customer expectations with better information.”

On the poster it mentions 49,576 spare parts. What does this refer to?
“I think this refers to all the necessary part quantities we needed to repair the trucks and buses at our location. Spare parts in vehicles are in many ways like people within organisations. Many different elements are needed in the right combination in order to make things work.”


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