Dream debut

When four new employees at the Nordica dealer group formed a VISTA team, they were told not to worry about results since it was their first competition. But despite their lack of experience, they’ve proven to be one of the best of Nordica’s 64 teams.

Nordica is one of many dealer groups in Brazil that has enthusiastically embraced VISTA, entering a total of 64 teams and 239 participants into this year’s competition. The group’s strategy is to team up their more experienced employees in the hope that they will progress, while teaming up their younger employees so that they develop and learn from the experience.

As new employees, team Make Up were in the later group, and told not to worry about results. But despite all expectations, the youngsters finished Round One with 27 points making them the best performing team for the whole Nordica group (sixth overall in Brazil). And to prove this wasn’t a fluke, they went on to finish third out of 64 teams over all three rounds.

“We had low expectations and thought our chances were minimal, since we have so little experience,” says the team leader, Eduardo Tavares. “But we joined together as a team and dedicated a lot of time to learning. Nordica has offered valuable courses through a highly qualified trainer, and the other technicians have helped us and they have taught us every day. The secret is teamwork.”

The other members of the team are Diego Ricardo de Medeiros, Bruno Henrique Machado and Anderson Kugnharski, and the team is based at Nordica’s dealership in Curitiba. Despite their strong performance, Make Up will not be going to the Latin Americans semi-finals next month, but the experience has been overwhelmingly positive and certainty won’t be their last VISTA.

“The competition is an incentive to learn more about the vehicles. It has definitely helped us a lot to know how to work with Impact, and now we can explore the system even more.”


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