“For us, it doesn’t matter if you finish first, but how you develop!”

The Treviso Group had 398 employees participating in VISTA 2015-2016, making them the largest dealer group in Brazil involved in the competition, as well as one of VISTA’s biggest supporters.

Márcio Guedes Paschoalin, Executive Director at the Treviso Group, explains why they are such enthusiastic participants in VISTA and what it contributes to their business.

How long has Treviso been involved with VISTA?

We have been participating in VISTA since 1999. We believe in the concept and its premise, and see it as an experience that can be turned into great opportunities. Just like in 2013, which was our most prominent year in the championship. That was when the team B270F represented us in the VISTA world finals. This certainly was a memorable moment for the whole Treviso Group.

How do you encourage your employees to join the competition?

I’m very active, and I believe that like any programme, VISTA requires the commitment of the entire company’s leadership. Our role is to motivate teams and stress that regardless of their final results, professional growth is guaranteed and what is most important.

How do you support teams during the competition?

Our team of technical instructors and aftersales leaders assist participants with guidance on materials that can be helpful. We also allow participants some time during working hours to study and research both theoretical and practical subjects using the equipment at the dealership, such as computers and the Internet.

What benefits does the Treviso Group get from VISTA?

VISTA is an opportunity for growth and development of our employees, which consequently brings many benefits for the participants themselves, the dealer and our customers. As we watch the performance of each participant during the VISTA rounds, we can identify the need for training and development.

VISTA also motivates our employees to seek more knowledge about the brand and services, and this makes them more prepared, better qualified and differentiates them as top-notch professionals in the market.

What is it like in your dealerships when VISTA is on?

The competition creates an atmosphere of involvement and cooperation across the entire company. It is a competitive climate between all the teams, but they also share a common interest in representing the Volvo brand and the Treviso Group.

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