VISTA semi-finals begin in Greensboro

This week, the first semi-final for VISTA 2015-2016 will kick-off in Greensboro, US, with seven teams from across North America hoping to win a spot in the world final.

The competition will commence on the 23rd of March, with each team having to complete seven 30-minute work stations. It will include five teams from the US, and one team each from Canada and Mexico. The top three will qualify for the world final.

“So much goes into preparing for an event like this,” says Wesley Burleson, organiser of the semi-finals in Greensboro. “There are lots of small details that keep you busy, everything from arranging travel for the participants to putting up all the signage on site.”

The result will be a full programme of entertainment and activities for all visiting teams. In addition to the competition itself, participants will tour the Volvo Trucks Uptime Center and the Dex Heavy Duty Parts facility.

“For our corporate employees, it’s an opportunity to meet our parts and service people, and show our appreciation for what they do,” adds Wesley. “It will be really beneficial for everyone to meet and learn more about each other’s work.”

For results and coverage of the VISTA semi-finals, keep checking the VISTA website and follow the competition via the VISTA Facebook page.

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