Latin America semi-finals the biggest ever

Next week, on 5-6 April, the Brazilian city of Curitiba will host 29 teams from all over Latin America for the semi-finals. It is the region’s biggest semi-final yet, and organisers are also making sure it will be the best.

Already, VISTA 2015-2016 has been a huge success in Latin America, with nearly 3000 participants from 13 countries completed all three theoretical rounds. Now 29 teams* will take part in the semi-finals, with five teams qualifying for the world final in Gothenburg.

“For participants VISTA represents teamwork, training, pride in working for Volvo, and especially recognition,” says Leticia Watanabe, VISTA Leader for Latin America. “So we want to prepare a semi-final that captures these vibes and includes everything that VISTA represents.”

On the first day, participants will be treated to a number of team building and brand emersion activities, including a tour of the Volvo Trucks plant in Curitiba. They will also get the chance to test drive trucks and driver simulators for a Volvo FH and Volvo Hybrid bus.

“We don’t want to let the event become boring at any point, so we’ve filled the time with many activities,” adds Leticia. “And we’ve decided on activities that are connected with the Volvo brand and its values, and of course with VISTA.”

To stay up-to-date with the VISTA semi-finals, keep checking the VISTA website and follow VISTA on Facebook.


* The odd number of teams is due to teams from Ecuador and Venezuela having to drop out because of economic problems in their markets.

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