Semi-Final Week 1 Report

68 teams arrived, 10 have left as Finalists… Week 1 of the 2018 Semi-finals has already proven why VISTA is the biggest and best Service Market personnel competition in the world!

In its 60th year, both VISTA as a competition and its competitors are being taken to new ground. 231 teams from 95 different countries will travel to Gothenburg, the home of Volvo, to compete for the chance to represent their respective markets in the World VISTA Final in Brazil!

This week, it was the turn of many of Europe’s finest Service Market teams to enjoy the 3 day programme that included specially arranged entertainment, activities and of course competition, held at the Volvo Trucks Experience Centre.

Across 6 specifically designed challenges, teams were scored on their technical knowledge, execution & teamwork, to determine who would win a place in the World Final in June.

On the final night of the programme, Volvo Museum played host to the awards dinner where finalists were announced, along with the VISTA Spirit Award for those teams who displayed exceptional level of teamwork and comradery. Across the 3 regional European groups who attended this week, we are delighted to announce that the winning teams were as follows:

Group 1 Finalists
• MC Hammers – UK & Ireland
• NTC 1 – Switzerland
• Hannover – Germany

Group 1 VISTA Spirit Award
• Carrot Crunchers – UK & Ireland

Group 2 Finalists
• Viies Ratas – Estonia
• S.D.K.G – Ukraine
• Team Harju – Finland

Group 2 VISTA Spirit Award
• NW Kutno – Poland

Group 3 Finalists
• Loudeac 1 – France
• Iron Knight – Italy
• Tema Valdemoro – Spain
• Saracakis – Greece

Group 3 VISTA Spirit Award
• VeinsurZF1 – Spain

The competition has been intense, but the VISTA spirit has never been more evident. So congratulations to all those who made it to the Semi-finals, we hope you leave with some long lasting memories, and best of luck to those teams that will be competing in the World Finals in Brazil!

However, for everyone who is yet to compete here in Gothenburg over the next 2 weeks, remember,… Performance is everything!

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