Semi-Final Week 2 Report

Over half of this year’s VISTA World Championship Finalists have been confirmed. Now, as we enter the final week of the Semi-finals, just 18 places remain on the plane to Brazil!

With a total of 4 days of competition in week 2, 88 teams battled it out at the Volvo Trucks Experience Centre, in Gothenburg for a place in the Final. This weeks teams covered the Eastern and Northern regions of Europe, as well as the Middle East, Northern Africa & Korea.

Although all teams seemed to enjoy their 3 day programme around the home of Volvo Trucks, (including some very favourable Swedish weather), there were only a few that could make it to the final in Brazil:

Group 4 Finalists
• NS Red Eagles – Serbia
• Impact – Austria
Group 4 VISTA Spirit Award
• Turbo MK – Macedonia

Group 5 Finalists
• FF – Sweden
• Veni Vidi Vista – Netherlands
• DERMA X-Power – Belgium
Group 5 VISTA Spirit Award
• Zarren 1 – Belgium

Group 6 Finalists
• SHTRAFBAT – Russia
• Sibir – Russia
• Team Svan – Denmark
• Team 01-TVL – Norway
Group 6 VISTA Spirit Award
• Team Long Experience – Denmark

Group 7 Finalists
• Sunny – Korea
• Persiska Viken – Iran
• Antochia – Turkey
Group 7 VISTA Spirit Award
• New Creation Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Massive congratulations to all teams who made it this far, you have done your countries and your dealerships proud. And, best of luck to those who made it through to the Final.

There are just 8 short weeks to prepare for what will be the biggest, and most probably the toughest VISTA Final ever!! So, get practicing, and remember… Performance is Everything!

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