The stage is set for the biggest ever VISTA World Final

In 2 days time, 40 of the best VISTA teams will go head-to-head to become the VISTA World Champion. The VISTA World Final is always a big event, but this final feels bigger than ever for 3 reasons.

1. Most teams ever

For the first time the final will include 40 teams. This is 8 more than the last few years that have held on 32 teams.

2. New location

For the first time the final is being held outside of Gothenburg. Right now the teams are arriving in Curitiba, Brazil, where the final will take place.

3. Everything LIVE

For the first time all the key action is being streamed LIVE on Facebook. You can follow and support all the teams by logging on and following the action.

For the past week, the VISTA event team has been working hard to get everything ready for these VISTA teams. This week promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for all the finalists.

This time next week, we will have a new VISTA World Champion. Whoever the winning team is, however, one thing is certain. All of these teams have done incredibly well to get this far.

Follow the action live on Facebook, and find out who the winner is by tuning in during the Awards Dinner on Wednesday.

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