VISTA 2017/18 has come to a close as Estonian team Viies Ratas become the new VISTA World Champions in an epic World Final in Brazil.

At 7am on Tuesday 26th June, 40 of the best Volvo Trucks and Buses Service Market teams arrived at the Curitiba site to compete in the VISTA final. As the buses pulled up, they were given the heroes’ welcome they deserved. One hundred and fifty Volvo colleagues were lined up, ready to greet them with shouts, cheers and applause. What followed were 8 hours of intense and dramatic competition. The teams had to navigate through 10 different stations. The tasks were varied. Bus, truck, engine, commercial and even VR competencies were all tested. All teams completed all 10 stations, including the Korean team Sunny, who had endured 60 hours of delayed travel, and arrived at the competition directly from the airport.

The following day, the same 40 VISTA teams made another huge contribution to the Volvo world. They all travelled to the Volvo sponsored childrens’ home, Orfonato Fundacao Solidariedade, to help carry out some crucial manual improvements. On a rainy winter’s day, all 200 competitors helped by building a playground, building new storage areas and painting the children’s houses. Volvo have a longstanding relationship with the Orfonato Fundacao Solidariedad and this day was another great indication of support by Volvo Brazil to the home.

Later that evening, the participants, along with hundreds of guests, returned to the site of the competition. However, by that evening the space had been transformed into a spectacular Gala Dinner venue. With 400 attendees, the evening was hosted by VISTA Project Manager Anna Rogbrant. She was joined on stage by a number of Volvo colleagues, who all presented awards. The first award of the evening was the VISTA Spirit Award, and this was presented by the VISTA technical team, Johan Tavernier, Witold Spik and Martin Persson. This award went to North American team, Mobile Fleet Service. The next award was presented by SVP HR, Helena Arensberg, who announced the third place. Third place this year went to the champions of the last 2 VISTAs, Team Harju. The next award was second place, which was announced by President of Volvo Latin America, Wilson Lirmann. He announced that Belgium team, Derma X-Power came second. All that was left was the first place announcement. This was made by VISTA sponsor Martin Merrick, who has enjoyed a great VISTA journey, having been a VISTA team leader himself in 1991. Mr Merrick spoke about the importance of passion within the dealer network, before he announced the first place. This award went to Estonian team Viies Ratas, who become the first ever Estonian VISTA Champions. The evening was concluded with lots of celebrations and dancing.

The next day, all the teams were taken to a Club Med resort, outside of Rio De Janeiro where they enjoyed some relaxation and spending time with their competitors from other countries.

All of this means that VISTA 2017/18 has come to an emotional end. This year’s competition has been branded a success by many. Project Manager, Anna Rogbrant reflected this as she said:

“It’s been a fantastic competition to be a part of. Everyone has enjoyed themselves, and seeing this enjoyment is the best thing we can hope for.”

One thing that this final has made clear is that VISTA is far more than just a competition. Anders Edin, VISTA Leader for Sweden, summarised this perfectly:

“VISTA is an amazing example of a Peace Competition. Thousands of people from different countries, backgrounds and lives come together to meet, compete and have fun. It’s a truly brilliant competition.”

The VISTA World Championship has now entered a new era.

An era that includes more teams, more competition and a much bigger fan base. All of these things help to support VISTA’s main purpose: to recognise the most important people in the Volvo Trucks and Buses business – the thousands of service market people across the Volvo world.

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