It is with great excitement that we officially launch VISTA 2019-2020 today, which is exactly one year before the final.
Back in March 2019, we started a Facebook campaign, which encouraged VISTA participants to share their VISTA stories. Since then, we have received many amazing contributions from all over the world.
Some told us VISTA made their dreams come true, some said VISTA had changed their lives, some decided to pass on their passion for VISTA to the next generation, and some described VISTA as a community that helps people to develop their careers, and ultimately to become team players.
It is these motivational stories that have convinced us VISTA is MORE THAN A COMPETITION.
VISTA gives our service market people a platform to perform…
VISTA allows them to compete with the very best teams in the world…
VISTA brings our people closer to their teammates…
VISTA demonstrate the rich heritage of Volvo…
Most importantly, VISTA recognise our service market teams for the amazing work they do every day.
VISTA means many different things to its participants, and that’s why we can confidently state that it’s “MORE THAN A COMPETITION”.

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