Meet Gabriella Evenfjäll – Semi-Finalist of VISTA 2017-2018

Gabriella Evenfjäll is one of our semi-finalists of VISTA 2017-2018, who works for Wist Last & Buss in Östersund.

We had the honour to meet her in Sweden and discovered her VISTA story – a story about self-belief and overcoming challenges.

There were times in Gabriella’s career when she found things very difficult, and considered quitting. Times like the first few months of her time at the dealership, and the first station (VR) at the VISTA Semi-Final in 2018.

However, deep down, Gabriella is someone that wants to be the best at everything she does, and she loves a challenge. Therefore, with the help of her supportive colleagues, she stuck at it and continued.

In both instances she succeeded and came out the other side. As a result of her experiences at her work, and at VISTA, she is now more confident, and a better technician. Gabriella has also gone on to achieve amazing things, such as becoming one of the few female technicians at VAS in Sweden.

All of these things have been made possible by Gabriella’s passion for challenge, her drive to be the best, and her experience at VISTA.

Well done Gabriella, and good luck with this year’s VISTA.

VISTA, More than a Competition.

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