An interview with Attila Juhász…

The many VISTA Market Leaders across the globe are the vital link connecting VISTA’s central planners with the competition’s participants. Attila Juhász, VISTA Market Leader for Hungary, explains his role and what VISTA means for him.

As a VISTA Market Leader, what are your roles and responsibilities?

“My role involves both coordinating and transferring information from the central VISTA team, to all the VISTA teams in Hungary. Right now we are preparing for the next round, so I have to choose which topics to cover, help prepare the questions in the web tool and check the translations of the questions.
“I’m also responsible for creating and sharing news with all the teams, to both inform them and motivate them, and send them reminders about deadlines. I assist with any practical issues that might come up, such as problems with the web tool, and help them to communicate with the help desk if needed.”

What do you like most about VISTA?

“For me, the best part is how it involves people. It drives them to learn and to discover new opportunities. For example, people often ask why we use questions connected to topics which are not relevant for workshop. But this is because we want to highlight areas and topics that are less known but still interesting to know about, such as alternative drivelines and sustainability.”

How does VISTA help with competence development and customer service?

“It helps people to discover things they do not know about or resources that they should have access too but might be missing. For example, we have an application that includes lots of additional technical information that could really help in making a fault diagnosis. Our supervisors and customer service personally use it a lot but many of our technicians either forget to use it or do not have access. After the last VISTA round, I have been contacted by technicians saying they do not have access, so we have now been able to secure access and this is important for them to be able to fulfil their daily work.”

How do you convince people to participate in VISTA?

“We’re very lucky in that we have a number of VISTA fans, and their passion infects everyone else. Some people have been involved in VISTA for 20 years or more, and they share their stories and experiences with their colleagues. For some people, the main motivation in the beginning is the prizes and awards, but after completing the first rounds, they can see how it helps them to improve their daily work too.”

What is the hardest part about your job?

“It can be stressful in the last days before a deadline, because in Hungary, we tend to leave everything to the last minute. I’m often calling round to all the workshops reminding teams to complete their questions. They keep telling me not to worry, but often it can be less than two days before deadline and questions are still not completed. But every time, in the last few hours, teams start submitting their answers and they’re all in by the deadline.”

How are the Hungarian teams going in VISTA 2022?

“So far it has been good. We have 20 teams with 80 participants, and out completion rate at the moment is 100% – not a single drop out!”

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