VISTA is part of our DNA

VISTA is part of our DNA

For Helena Arensberg, SVP for Human Resources, VISTA helps improve competence development and team building, and makes Volvo Trucks an attractive company for technicians to work for.

From a HR perspective, why is VISTA important to Volvo Trucks?

“It’s a competition but it’s also so much more than that. It’s a competence development activity and a fantastic exercise in team building and inclusion. It not only allows people from different countries to meet, but within countries it also brings together people from different workshops. Our technicians can see that no matter where in the world they are, they all have the same challenges, and that really helps to build our culture. Even within individual workshops, it brings people together. No one knows everything, but VISTA encourages us to combine our individual strengths and form really strong teams.”

Does VISTA help Volvo Trucks to attract and retain skilled technicians?

“I believe so. It certainly helps with employer branding and in making Volvo Trucks an attractive place to work. Most people want to come into work each day and do the best they can – and VISTA is proof of our commitment and support. The amount of time and resources we invest in holding the whole event shows how much we want to help our technicians to develop.”

The last VISTA was cancelled due to the pandemic – do you think it was missed?

“Yes, definitely! When we had to communicate the news, people were very sorry about it, even though they understood why and accepted it. After all, we have been holding competitions for many years. It’s not just another campaign that comes and goes – VISTA is part of our DNA.”

What does VISTA contribute to Volvo Trucks more generally?

“Our technicians are our main customer interface – they are really the ones who meet our customers daily and support them. VISTA is a really effective way of encouraging our technicians to develop their competences, and that in turn increases customer satisfaction.

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