VISTA (Volvo International Service Training Award) is an international competition open to all Service Market professionals within the Volvo Trucks’ and Volvo Buses’ global service network. Currently it is the world’s largest competition for Service Market personnel.

The aim of the competition is to help employees develop and improve their knowledge, skills, and ability to work as a team. Participants take part in teams of two to four people, and the competition starts with two parts of theoretical questions, which teams complete in their workshops. After these two parts, the best performing teams qualify for the World Semi-Final, this year being a Digital Semi-final with more than 180 teams. From the Digital Semi-final 44 teams will qualify for the World Final in Gothenburg – the home of Volvo Trucks and Buses.

More than a competition

However, VISTA is much more than a competition – it is a mass training event. The aim is to make us better at what we do every day. During VISTA, the participants improve their skills, new friendships are formed, and for many, it is an experience of a lifetime.

Better skills, better service, happier customers
VISTA is not only important for Volvo’s Service Market personnel – it is of great importance for the entire Volvo Group. It is a way of showing how much we value the hard work carried out at our workshops all over the world, and that we invest in what our customers appreciate most – world-class service.

For workshops, VISTA is a very effective way of motivating and inspiring employees and improving skills and knowledge of workshop personnel. These are all benefits that will lead to improved customer service and increased customer satisfaction.

Why you should get involved
Everyone who takes part in VISTA, no matter how experienced or competent they are, will learn something new from being involved. The whole competition is designed to educate and develop participants’ knowledge and skills. While VISTA is a competition, there are no winners or losers. The only results that really matter is what and how much you learn.