The first crucial step to building a strong VISTA team is choosing your teammates. The key is to make sure you have a good balance between different skills and areas.

The first factor you need to consider is chemistry. Since you and your teammates will be spending a lot of time together, it is important that you all work well as a team and feel comfortable working closely together. Communication and teamwork are vital in VISTA, and this isn’t possible if teammates do not get along.

The next most important factor is ensuring each of you work in a different area and each has different skills. Collectively, you want to have as much knowledge and experience as possible. Consider your own strengths and weaknesses, and try to have teammates who can compensate for your weaknesses.

During the competition, the VISTA questions will cover a wide variety of areas, and whatever question comes up, you want an expert in your team who can lead the way. If everyone in your team works with spare parts, who will answer questions about warranties? For this reason, each team member should have a clearly defined role and field of expertise. This way you’re ready for anything that VISTA might throw at you.