• VISTA is a Volvo Trucks initiative and therefore is only open to employees of authorized Volvo dealers, dual Volvo dealers, Volvo satellites, Volvo Bus, Prevost, and parts and service locations.
  • Mack only dealers are not eligible to participate in VISTA, but can participate in the Mack Masters Competition.
  • Participating dealers must be in good standing as of September 24, 2015.
  • If any dealer should be canceled during the competition for any reason, all teams registered through said dealership will be automatically withdrawn from the competition.



  • A team can comprise of two to four members. You may enter as many teams as you wish from your dealership.
  • It is recommended that you diversify your team with parts, warranty, and service technician personnel. Although this is not required, evidence from previous VISTA competitions shows that this combination provides the range of skills necessary to perform well in the competition.



  • Before the start of round one, dealers need to secure access to Trucks Dealer Portal and other current versions of required tools such as Impact, warranty binder, wiring diagrams, field service tips, etc.
  • Competitors must be prepared to travel to Greensboro, NC to compete in the semi-final and to Gothenburg, Sweden for the world final.
  • Winners and finalists from the 2012-2013 VISTA competition are eligible to compete in the VISTA 2015-2016 competition.
  • Technicians may only compete on one team.
  • Parts staff and warranty administrators may compete on different teams. However, in a semi-final or world-final, the same individual may only compete on one team.
  • If a competitor is no longer employed at a dealer, or is unable to continue in the competition, they will be removed. A new competitor may join if approved by Volvo Trucks Academy.
  • Volvo Trucks Academy reserves the right to disqualify anyone who tries to obtain answers from corporate personnel.



  • Teams must register online at between August 12 and September 24, 2015. Registrations received after September 24 will not be accepted.



  • VISTA 2015 – 2016 starts with three qualifying rounds with theoretical questions that will be taken online at the dealership. Each of these rounds will consist of 30 questions plus one creative answer question.
  • The round one testing period is September 10 – October 8, 2015. Tests received after October 8 will not be accepted.
  • The round two testing period is November 5 – December 3, 2015. Tests received after December 3 will not be accepted.
  • The round three testing period is January 14 – February 11, 2016. Tests received after February 11 will not be accepted.
  • All tests must be completed in their entirety in order to qualify for cash awards and prizes.
  • The top scoring team from each North American region (6 teams) will advance to the hands-on semi-final in Greensboro, NC.
  • In the event the highest score is a tie, the creative questions will be used to determine the winner. All decisions made regarding testing and/or finalists will be made by an appointed committee, and decisions will be final.



  • Competitors must register by September 2 to receive an official VISTA baseball cap.
  • Team members must participate and complete all three rounds with an average score of 80% or better to claim the $250 USD reward paid by check.
  • Qualifying team members must participate in the hands-on North America semi-final to claim the $1000 Visa Cash Card.
  • As condition to any winner’s eligibility to receive his or her prize, all competitors agree, where lawful and upon the request to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility and/or publicity release within the time required by Volvo Trucks Academy (to be no less than 14 days).
  • Prizes awarded during the VISTA Competition are not transferable. No prize substitutes are permitted, except by sponsor, due to prize unavailability, in which case, a prize of equal or greater value will be awarded as determined solely by Volvo Trucks Academy.
  • The competition is subject to all applicable federal, state, and municipal laws and regulations.
  • Winners bear sole responsibility for all applicable taxes of any nature assessed in connection with any prize awarded under the VISTA competition, as well as any insurance or other costs (unless expressly covered by Volvo Trucks Academy under these competition rules) arising in connection with such prize.
  • All competitors in the VISTA Competition, by submitting registration forms, agree that Volvo Trucks Academy and their affiliated, parent and subsidiary company and their respective employee agents and offices will (to the extent required by law) have no responsibility or liability of any nature to any competitor for injuries, losses or damages of any kind to any competitor (including death) or property, resulting in any way from acceptance, possession, misuse or use of anyprize awarded under the VISTA Competition.



  • Volvo Trucks Academy will provide airfare, hotel accommodations, and meals during all conference days associated with the regional semi-final and the world final events. All personal incidental expenses are the responsibility of the competitor. Each competitor needs to obtain all valid documents such as passports and visas in due time prior to the semifinal and world final competitions.
  • All VISTA winners shall bear sole responsibility for complying with all necessary documentation, visa, passport or any other travel requirements or prerequisites arising out of the champion prize.
  • Spouses and children are not allowed.

These rules are mandatory and must be followed throughout the entire VISTA 2015 – 2016 competition.
If any prize notification to a winner is returned undeliverable, the prize to that winner will be forfeited. Prizes subject to official rules, which may be found above, or obtained by writing to:

VISTA Competition
PO Box 8135, Greensboro, NC 27419-0135 or 1-877-232-6449
©2015 Volvo Group North America, LLC.