VISTA Stories

6 April 2018

Gothenburg gears up to host the World Semi-Final!

For the first time in VISTA history, the world semi-final will be held in Gothenburg - the home of Volvo. During the next 3 weeks, 231 teams and over 1,000 participants will be making their way to Sweden to compete. The prize? A trip to the World Final, to be held in Curitiba in June. Preparations have been taking place over the past week, and now VTEX, the competition venue, is set-up and... Read more
16 November 2017

Introducing the BRAND NEW Pitstop challenge!

This year’s VISTA comes with a new activity called the “Pitstop challenge”. This is a shorter round in between Part 1 and Part 2. It will be open for one week only and consists of 20 questions. This Pit-stop will give you the possibility to score up to 10 extra points, added to your total score! Pitstop challenge 1 is available to take between Sunday December 10th at 07.00 and Friday... Read more
12 October 2017


This year, we’ve launched our very own VISTA App which you can download for free from all App Stores. The App is designed to help you get more out of your VISTA journey. Packed with exciting content and features, it’s the perfect partner for you and your VISTA team. Connect to the VISTA World The App lets you build your own profile and connect with the rest of your team, and the wider... Read more
2 August 2017

Performance is EVERYTHING

When it comes to VISTA, performance is everything. But what is a performance? A performance might come on a stage in front of an audience. A performance might take place on a sports field. A performance might happen at work. You might put on a performance during the VISTA competition. The reality is that everything in life is a performance. Every day we find ourselves being taken out of our... Read more
13 July 2017


The biggest Service Market competition on the planet deserves an incredible location for the World Final. And that is exactly what is happening. We are delighted to announce that in 2018, the Finals will be held in Curitiba, Brazil! That means, 40 teams will go to one of the most exciting countries in the world and will compete against the very best Volvo Truck and Bus technicians to find out... Read more
5 July 2017


We’re always looking to make VISTA bigger and better than before. And since this is the 60th anniversary of the competition, plus it’s the largest Service Market competition in the world, we thought it was only right that we create the best Semi-Final that VISTA has ever seen. The Semi-Finals will take place in Gothenburg – the home of Volvo Trucks – over a three week period during... Read more
8 December 2015

Poster teams: Team A.L.E.R.T

  The last of our 'poster team' profiles features Team A.L.E.R.T from South Africa. They are (from left to right in photo): Andrew Maseko (friend and mentor), Danie Sillands, Enrico Chiarello, Russell Pinard and Lee-Andrew Duarte. Team A.L.E.R.T are based at Volvo Jetpark, Gauteng in South Africa. Half their team remain from the previous VISTA competition when they became the... Read more
3 December 2015

Poster teams: Team Benicia

Next up in our poster team feature are Team Benicia, who work at the Truck Center in Dongtan City, South Korea. They are (from left to right in the photo) Shin Seonghwan, Kang Eunsun, Lee Jonghee and Nam Hyojung. They took time out to answer some questions. “We are very pleased appear on the poster because we have great memories of VISTA last time. We want to reach the final again... Read more
1 December 2015

Poster teams: Los Cuartreros

In the second of our 'poster teams' features, we head to Mexico to talk to the Los Cuartreros team... The Los Cuartreros team is based in Hermosillo, Sonora, in the north of Mexico. They are (from left to right in the photo): Benigno Romero, Juan Carlos Santos, Luis Felipe Antillón and Francisco Javier Coronado. Luis Felipe Antillón talks about their impressions of VISTA. “We feel... Read more
20 November 2015

All-women teams taking the lead in Brazil

The number of female competitors in this year’s VISTA competition shows a small increase on 2013. Six per cent of those who registered globally are women. While this might not sound like a lot, the gender demographic of the competition is slowly changing. Some territories have succeeded in promoting VISTA within the retail sector and, as a result, more women are being encouraged to take... Read more
18 November 2015

Poster teams: Team Harju

In the coming weeks we will talk to four teams featured on promotional posters for VISTA 2015-2016. First up are Team Harju from Tampere in Finland. The reigning VISTA champions are relishing competing again. “The photo on the poster is taken at the gala at the end of the 2013 competition. The feeling was high!” How did it come about that your team featured on the poster? “One... Read more
5 October 2015

VISTA enthusiasm continues to blossom in Brazil

Registration figures for the current VISTA competition have broken records all over the world. One country where interest has been particularly strong is Brazil. Despite an ongoing economic crisis in the country, teams have still been eager to sign up and compete. Over 600 teams had registered for VISTA 2015-2016 at the time of writing. This is a 4% increase on the last competition for... Read more
1 October 2015

VISTA 2015-2016 sets new record

Almost 18,500 participants have now registered for VISTA 2015-2016 – once again breaking its own record as the world’s biggest competition for aftermarket personnel. Until now, VISTA 2012-2013 was the biggest competition yet, involving just over 17,000 participants from 93 countries. However, that has now been surpassed. “It’s very exciting to see that there are so many people all... Read more
31 August 2015

Between hope and despair – the art of choosing a team name

It’s clear from looking through the long list of those registered for this year’s VISTA competition that teams have taken very different approaches when deciding what to call themselves. Among a very international list, there are a number of humorous and eye-catching names. Some names reflect a sense of optimism, belief, confidence - and some don’t. Here are a few that caught our... Read more
26 August 2015

VISTA 2015-2016 – The heat is on in race to register

The countdown continues. September 10th is a date circled in the diaries of VISTA participants. That is when Round One of the 2015-2016 competition will commence. Registration is ongoing with several markets setting an impressive pace. If you have not yet formed a team and registered here at the website, then the time to do so is now.  At the time of writing, almost 11,800 participants from a... Read more
21 August 2015

Learning the reward for Canadian team Babine

VISTA 2015-2016 registration for North America opened on 12th August. Over 300 participants have already registered within the first two weeks and interest is gathering pace with Round One fast approaching. Canadian team Babine Truck & Equipment from Prince George, British Columbia won the VISTA North American semi-final competition in 2013. They then headed to Gothenburg, Sweden where... Read more
3 July 2015

These stars don’t fill any huge arenas

Most of them are not even athletes and they don´t have lunch at fancy restaurants. But these guys are our real stars, inspired by new challenges. They are our real Champions. [embed][/embed] FOLLOW US Share your thoughts and images from the action on our social media channels – or just listen to the discussions to know what’s really... Read more
16 June 2015

Hammer-time again for UK based team

The Essex-based MC Hammers team were delighted to finish in a very creditable 3rd place in 2012-2013. They are eagerly anticipating the forthcoming VISTA competition, which offers them the possibility to do even better than last time. How would you say that participation in the competition has affected your business? I do not think our business overall has been affected, but individually we... Read more
12 May 2015

Finland flying the flag for VISTA success

The last VISTA competition in 2012-2013 generated many positive experiences for those who took part. Team Harju from Tampere in Finland won the title, yet they were not the only Finnish team who performed well in the final in Gothenburg. The success of the Finnish teams last time out was particularly notable, with three teams competing in the final. Tommy Lindholm is Commercial Aftermarket... Read more
4 May 2015

NTC in Switzerland fix their eyes on first prize

How would you say that participation in the competition (and coming 2nd) has affected your business? The team ratio has improved significantly after the VISTA competition and also our working procedures are even better. Has your approach to customer service changed as a result of competing in VISTA? I think we have become better in our general work by being involved in VISTA, and this is... Read more
27 April 2011

What have I learnt from VISTA?

With less than four weeks before the world final, everyone’s attention is on the thirty teams who have qualified. However it’s important to remember that VISTA is about learning and training before all else. Everybody who has taken part, has learnt something, and can therefore bow out of the competition a winner. It might be a new skill, using a new tool, new information on Impact, or better... Read more

Tanzania’s Serengeti Boys reach world final and make VISTA history

In 2011 the Serengeti Boys were formed and took part in their first ever VISTA competition. It was the start of a remarkable journey that took them all the way to Gothenburg, Sweden, for the world final. Tiago Alves, After Sales Manager; Justin Charles, Customer Adviser; and Shukrani Mbwilo, a technician; all work for Auto Sueco Tanzania Ltd in the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salam, which was... Read more

As Panteras – VISTA’s first all female team

VISTA 2011 saw more participants than ever before - it also saw the debut of As Panteras: VISTA’s the first ever all-female team. Alessandra Galvao, an administration analysist at Vocal Campinas in Brazil, was immediately intrigued when she first heard about VISTA. A global competition where she could test her skills against colleagues from all over the world was an opportunity too good to... Read more
7 October 2010

What Makes a VISTA Champion?: An interview with Josef Mikula of Team Impact, Austria.

In June 2009, Josef Mikula and three of his work colleagues stood in front of the very best technicians and personnel in the whole Volvo Trucks’ and Volvo Buses’ global workforce, and were the envy of all. Together they formed Team Impact, and they had just won the VISTA 2009 World Championship: Volvo Trucks’ international competition for aftermarket personnel. Josef Mikula and his... Read more