VISTA started in 1957, originally as a competition for Volvo technicians in Sweden. Today it is a biennial global event and the biggest competition for aftermarket personnel in the world. VISTA 2017-2018 was the biggest competition yet, involving over 19,700 participants from over 90 countries.

From the very beginning, VISTA has been about teamwork and competence development, and there is nothing better than a little friendly rivalry to trigger that. When the competition started in 1957 it was an exclusively Swedish event. However over the next 20 years, VISTA expanded globally and by 1977 it had reached out across all continents, attracting authorised Volvo dealers from all over the world.

Becoming a world champion

In 2007, VISTA decided to hold a world final with the very best teams competing to become world champions. The competition has always been tough, but the opportunity to gain a world championship title sparked quite a few contestants to step it up a notch. The first-ever world championship was won by Team Skywalker from Sweden.

Building teams all over the world

However, while VISTA is a competition, the main objective is to encourage teamwork, build team spirit and pride, and encourage self-improvement and competence development. Since the start, it has always served as a great way for aftermarket personnel to increase their knowledge and the quality of their work. By extension, VISTA has also lead to improved customer service and greater customer satisfaction. Through VISTA thousands of people across the world train themselves to become better at what they do every day.