VISTA 2022: FAQs

Here is a list of frequently asked questions encountered, which may be worth reading in the lead up to the competition.

Simply log into the VISTA webtool , which can be found here, and is clearly linked on the VISTA website’s front page. The questions will be made available as soon as the round opens, and you will have exactly 3 weeks to formally submit your answers.

No, there are no time bonuses. All that matters is that you submit your answers before the deadline, but there is no advantage to submitting a week earlier. If you and your team have any spare time, use it to double-check your answers, because once you submit, you cannot make any changes.

As long as no one from your team has clicked ‘submit’, any team member can log in to add, change or review your team’s answers for as long as the round is open. However once ‘submit‘ has been clicked, no further changes are possible. It is therefore important to review your answers and make sure the whole team is in complete agreement before submitting. But make sure you remember to submit before the deadline, as no answers will be accepted if they have not been formally submitted. It is also strongly recommended that you submit well ahead of the deadline to allow for any unexpected and unforeseen events, for example issues with Internet connectivity.

The theoretical questions refer to Volvo Trucks’ and Volvo Buses’ information systems, including Trucks Portal, Field Service Tips, Bus Service Tips, Warranty Binder, VBC Remote, as well as Volvo branding or basic knowledge. It’s important to stress that you’re being tested on your ability to find information as much as anything else. Even if you think you know the answer, it is always worth double-checking in the relevant information system.

Often there will be more than one correct answer, and earning a point will require you to select them all.

The VISTA Core Team spends a lot of time developing questions and we are very careful when formulating answers, so we can assure you that a full and detailed explanation for every correct answer does exist. Our advice would be to contact your VISTA Market leader, who can provide more in depth explanations regarding particular questions.