What Does It Takes To Win Vista?

“We have the ambition to be number one in terms of customer satisfaction; these technicians are making an impact and influencing that every day” – Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks

Winning anything in life is impressive. An achievement. Whether it be something like passing an exam or learning to drive, it acts as a step to a new opportunity.

When looking at the VISTA World Championship, the opportunity is all around. It starts with simply deciding to participate This potentially leads to travelling to the in-person competition, and who knows, maybe it even leads to becoming a full World Champion! … but the triumphs for VISTA don’t end there.

Why is VISTA so important to Volvo Trucks?

Since 1957, VISTA has always had a strong foundation within the brand. The famous strapline of “more than a competition” has never been more perfect for this championship. As we saw in our last blog and the visit to Estonia with Team Kirred Insenerid, the dedication needed in addition to your day-to-day role is key.

Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks commented: “For us, it’s very important we have highly skilled technicians – and that is why VISTA is so important”. Robert Grozdanovski, SVP Central East & East at Volvo Trucks, added: “Technicians get the benefits of this learning journey; it’s what VISTA is all about – creating team spirit that customers truly feel”.

The technicians taking part get so much out of it, especially confidence and competence development… but as Robert touched on above, it goes even deeper than that.

What do Volvo Trucks’ customers gain from VISTA?

“VISTA is important, it’s more than a competition. All our technicians around the world contribute to customer satisfaction” – Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks

And that’s exactly it… we know what the technicians get out of VISTA, and because of their ever-improving talent, our customers also receive the positives. If you take Team Kirred Insenerid as an example, their customers at the Tartu workshop know that they are receiving brilliant service from the best Volvo Trucks technicians in the world for 2022. What a benefit that is for customers.

Every VISTA that takes place, our customers gain more and more, and the satisfaction improves. Technicians are the front line, and so they should be celebrated as the competition does so. As Roger Alm confirms: “what the technicians are doing is fantastic and they are so very important to what we want to achieve. Well done to everyone who took part in 2022, and a huge congratulations to Team Kirred Insenerid!”.

So what is actually needed to win VISTA?

What is needed is in fact straight-forward… achieving them altogether is a lot harder. When speaking to participants, team leaders and the senior Volvo Trucks team; the most common themes needed to win are skill, practice, and resource.

Skill: Being the best technician you can be – eager to learn and develop

Practice: Make sure the theory and practical are as good as each other, keep on improving during your day-to-day

Resource: Finally, dedicate time for you and your team to improve and train – it can be all the difference

If those three areas can be considered as you go through the VISTA process, you will get so much more out of the journey, progress through the roads, meet lots of incredible people and notably… improve the customer experience.

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