A Day In The Life Of Champions

“When technicians compete in VISTA, you get a better understanding of the skills we need to develop” – Ats Ninemäe, VISTA 2022 winning technician from Team Kiired Insenerid, Estonia
A Day In The Life Of Champions

If you cast your minds back to September 2022, it was a historic moment for Team Kiired Insenerid. Not only was it their first win as a team, but it was back-to-back glory for Estonia. It was a special night of celebration… and we simply had to find out how they did it.

Is there something in the Estonian water?

Well, as promised by the President of Volvo Trucks Roger Alm at the presentation ceremony, we just had to visit the eastern city of Tartu to find out.

Roger Alm visited the Tartu workshop to help support the winning team for a day, learning more about why the team entered the championship, what VISTA means to them and what the secrets are to winning such a difficult competition. Roger was not alone on the Estonia adventure in the snow, Robert Grozdanovski, SVP Central East & East at Volvo Trucks, also joined the President as they picked up the tools once again.

Roger commented: “For Volvo Trucks, it’s very important we have highly skilled technicians – and that’s why VISTA is so important. VISTA has always been more than a competition, and with the visit to Estonia, you can clearly see from the technicians, the workshop itself and the customers just how much it means.”

So how do you become champions?

It’s about practice and skill development. Dedicating the time and effort to bettering yourself to get competition ready. It takes extra resource from your day-to-day role, but the journey is very rewarding, especially if you return victorious. Ats Ninemäe, technician from Team Kiired Insenerid confirms: “when the customers walk in and see the trophy, they always ask what it is for. This gives us a little bit of proudness to tell them we are the best technicians in the world this year.”

Guido Valge, the Tartu Workshop Manager, echoes this: “VISTA really helps with recruitment, it’s a pleasure to me that technicians want to learn and now the world champions are in our workshop”.

The benefits are not always obvious, everywhere you look you see rewards. The technicians improve their skills and receive recognition. The workshop is put on the map as the best in the world. And the customers… they receive a service that is the best on the planet!

What’s next?

Now it is about defending the title and going for the Estonian hat-trick!

Team Kiired Insenerid have cemented themselves into VISTA history with their triumphant win, and Roger Alm himself can see day-to-day what it is like to work alongside a championship-winning team. The technicians are at the top of their game and will take some beating for sure in 2024.

Will you be a challenger at the next VISTA World Championship?

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