Changing the game: “A decade of dedication…”

When it comes to VISTA, the term game-changer can mean many things whether participants or teams realize. Whether this is your first experience with VISTA or your tenth, you possess the power to truly change the game.
Changing the game: “A decade of dedication…”

When teams or individuals “change the game” when it comes to the largest aftermarket competition in the world, we want to interview them and spotlight the people who are authentically changing the VISTA landscape, whether they are aware of it or not.

We have now interviewed the VISTA veterans, Team Harju from Finland: Atte Almonkari, Immo Harju, Juha Keskifrantti and Vesa Havikari.

Over a decade of dedication and expertise sets this team apart, and today, we’ll delve into their journey, experiences, and what they think will give them the competitive edge this time round. Speaking to us for the team is experienced technician, Immo.

As a team that has participated in VISTA multiple times, how do you feel VISTA has contributed to your personal development?

One thing for sure is working in a team. Learning to better understand different personalities and discover the personal strengths of team members. Then, utilizing these strengths leads to the best possible outcome.

Technology is developing at a fast pace right now, and equipment, including trucks and buses, are very complex entities. Because of this, sharing information and networking is very important to keep up with the pace.

In what ways has your previous experience influenced your approach to the competition and how has the experience helped you?

We understand the competition routines but the desire to succeed in the competition is of course still there, and if we reach the semi-finals, the atmosphere will surely be electrified.

The purpose is to prepare well and make the best possible result as a team and of course, enjoy the competition. The points differences in the competition are small, so anything is possible.

How do you think VISTA helps technicians in their personal/professional development?

Right from the start, already during the theory rounds, you can use many different Volvo systems, workshop programs, applications, and tools. For example, Volvo Trucks Portal, Impact, Wiring diagrams, Volvo Tech tool, etc. When you use the systems for troubleshooting or finding answers to questions, VISTA is the best training to become an expert.

Are there any key lessons VISTA has taught you and how have they helped you in your career?

Work today is full of continuous learning and self-development; this also enables you to take on different tasks in your career.

What advice would you give to Volvo technicians considering signing up for VISTA?

Go along, every VISTA leaves you with learning and the know-how to add to your own mental toolbox. At some point, you might even find yourself in the semi-finals or even the finals!


Good luck to Team Harju as they continue their VISTA journey!