Changing the game: “Motivation and good team spirit…”

The VISTA competition spans worldwide, and the term game-changer can mean many things whether participants or teams realize. Each team and individual bring a unique perspective, fuelling their potential to reshape VISTA. With diverse teams and dynamic work settings, participants have invaluable experiences, setting them apart from the competition.
Changing the game: “Motivation and good team spirit…”

This time we’ve interviewed Team Eagles from Ethiopia: Eyerus Megersa, Sisay Tesfaye, Getachew Tamir and Ketema Mekonnen.

This is the team’s first time entering the VISTA competition and they’re certain their multi-discipline and experience as a team will give them a competitive edge at this year’s competition. We sat down with the team to learn more about how they are approaching the championship and how their knowledge will help them.


How do you feel that your team’s working environment contributes to your problem-solving approach and how might it differ from other teams?

Team Eagles:

Our team is comprised of two young technicians and two experienced parts staff. We have a protected amount of time allotted to work as a team and we let ideas flow freely with no restriction. Each member of staff can put forward his/her opinion without fear or criticism.

In the end, the suggested answers will either be accepted or rejected by the team. The motivation, dedication and good team spirit have all contributed to the problem-solving approach and we feel this makes the team different from other teams.


In what ways do you think your team’s diverse backgrounds and experiences shape the decision-making process compared to other teams?


Team Eagles:

The diverse backgrounds and experiences have contributed a lot in shaping the decision-making process. Our two young technicians with full of energy alongside the significant experience of the other team members have all contributed to the decision-making.

A couple of our team spend more time on the computer searching for the right answers from IMPACT, Accessories, Part fact sheet, VDA plus, Body Builder Instruction, wiring diagram and from Truck portals. Then, we sit together to firm up our final discussion.


How do you think your team’s collaborative culture, sets you apart from other teams in this competition?

Team Eagles:

We strongly believe that one of the VISTA competition’s missions is to enhance the collaborative culture within the teams. As a team, we work collaboratively, and no one assumes himself as dominant.

We all strive to learn hard. We set a bigger career goal, and we use this opportunity and consider it as a vital way to advance our career path.


Do you have any words of encouragement for anyone considering taking part in the next VISTA competition?

Team Eagles:

As new members to the Volvo Dealership, we’ve had the opportunity to learn more about key points that need attention during part identification on IMPACT, gained lots of technical knowledge from IMPACT, captured various information from the Trucks portal, lifted the diagnosing skill on Techtool, referring Wiring diagrams etc.

We feel that all of the after-sales staff who are working at Volvo dealers should take part in VISTA, you will gain lots of information about Volvo Trucks and Buses. Please do not hesitate to grab this opportunity!