VISTA finalists now revealed!

After three successful regional semifinals in Italy, USA and Brazil, all teams qualified for the VISTA World Final in Gothenburg are now shortlisted – let’s find out who they are.
VISTA finalists now revealed!

The world’s largest service market competition, VISTA, gathered this year roughly 16 000 participants from more than 100 countries. It also marked a record of 1028 women participating, with 14 all women teams – and 848 participants in mixed teams from Volvo Trucks’ and Volvo Buses’ global service network. 

After three theoretical rounds, the best performing teams were shortlisted to take part in the regional semifinals in Bergamo, Italy, Dallas, USA and Curitiba, Brazil.

As all VISTA semifinals now have come to an end, it’s time to reveal the teams qualified for the VISTA World Final which takes place in Gothenburg, September 9-13.

From Europe Central East and East:

  •         Team ReVo, Bulgaria
  •         Team Seveřané, Czech Republic
  •         Team VAPRAD JA õlised, Estonia
  •         Team Nimfas Corporation, Hungary  
  •         Team Volvo Riga, Latvia
  •         Team Turbo MK, Macedonia
  •         Team SPEED GROUP, Poland
  •         Team PWR DAY, Romania


From Europe South & West:

  •         Team All Ready, France
  •         Team PROTRUCK, Greece
  •         Team The Work Athletes, Italy
  •         Team LISTICOS, Spain
  •         Team I-tools, UK & Ireland


From Europe North & Central:

  •        Team Thaur, Austria
  •         Team Zarren 1, Belgium
  •         Team A-Team Padborg, Denmark
  •         Team Harju, Finland
  •         Team B0E-FHE-HH-e, Germany
  •         Team Abstinens2.0, Norway
  •         Team Dutch Vikings, Netherlands
  •         Team Borlänge, Sweden
  •         Team NTC1, Switzerland

From International:


  •         Team I-ROLL, Ethiopia
  •         Team FHE, Australia 
  •         Team GO GREEN, India
  •         Team IRON KNIGHT, India
  •         Team GAHARU, Indonesia
  •         Team JB ALPHA, Malaysia
  •         Team JORDAN EAGLES, Jordan
  •         Team GOLD, Morocco
  •         Team CARPEDIEM, Korea
  •         Team CHALLENGER, Taiwan
  •         Team GAME CHANGERS, South Africa
  •         Team NANJINGSUWO1, China


From North America:

  •         Team GLOBETROTTERS, Sterling Truck & Trailer, Canada
  •         Team THE REGENERATES, Beaver Truck Centre, Canada  
  •         Team VOLVO VAHLR, Bruckner’s Truck & Equipment, US
  •         Team THE EDGERS, TransEdge Truck Centers, US


From Latin America:

  •         Team IRON KNIGHTS, Brazil
  •         Team VPS, Brazil
  •         Team Série 1, Brazil
  •         Team LEALTECH, Brazil
  •         Team EXTREME SOUTH BRAZIL, Brazil
  •         Team EXTREME, Peru


Good luck at the VISTA World Finals!