What does VISTA mean to Team Extreme from Peru

When it comes to VISTA, whether this is your first experience or your 5th or even 10th, you possess the power to truly change the game. Dedication, expertise, and faith sets this team apart, and today, we’ll delve into their journey, to discover what made them enter the competition, what fresh ideas they can bring into VISTA, and what they are hoping to get out of it.
What does VISTA mean to Team Extreme from Peru

Meet Team Extreme from Peru: Jhanno Coca, Gabriel Ochoa, Freddy Vasquez, and Giovani Julcarima, who will compete at the VISTA Latin America semifinals in Curitiba, June 18 - 20.

What made you want to enter the technical world as a career?

JHANNO COCA: I've always liked creating, assembling, or repairing things and even more so when it comes to cars.

GABRIEL OCHOA: A friend of my father's taught automotive mechanics at a technical college and he was the one who led me to study auto mechanics there. And it is from then on that at an early age my passion for learning about the different systems of vehicles was born and to this day I find myself working at Volvo.

Why is it important for you to participate in VISTA?

FREDDY VASQUEZ: The VISTA contest is very important because it encourages you to continuous improvement, continue learning and updating yourself through the searches you carry out either on the Volvo portal, Tech tool or other platforms.

GIOVANI JULCARIMA: It is important because it helps me to further develop my competencies and technical skills in terms of information management.

Your team qualified in the semifinals of VISTA 2024. What unique skills or innovative approaches can you bring to the table?

JHANNO COCA: The contribution that I always give to my team is the ease of handling the equipment and browsing the Volvo tools we have online. 

FREDDY VASQUEZ: Yes, it was a very difficult road, but with the teamwork and passion that all the members of the team put into it, we were able to qualify for the semifinals of VISTA in Brazil.

What opportunities do you see for your team to inspire young people to participate in similar competitions in the future?

GABRIEL OCHOA: The ultimate satisfaction of achieving the goal personally and as a group. The opportunity to learn how to search more easily within the various platforms of the portal and thus be able to solve vehicle failures more efficiently on the workshops.

GIOVANI JULCARIMA: It is a competition where it motivates you to want to improve yourself because to qualify for a semi-final you must start from scratch and when you realize it develop skills in terms of searching for information and getting to know the Volvo world platform.

Good luck to Team Extreme and all participants to the VISTA semifinals in Curitiba!