An Interview with Jordan Ramadiansyah for the 2022 Edition

A few months ago, as we ramped up communications for the 2022 edition of the VISTA World Championship, we announced a brand-new engagement campaign… to create a piece of VISTA history

A few months ago, as we ramped up communications for the 2022 edition of the VISTA World Championship, we announced a brand-new engagement campaign… to create a piece of VISTA history.

We wanted to do something different, unique and have a real impact on the championship for years to come. So, with inspiration from sporting giants like the World Cup and the Olympics, we set our followers and fans the task of designing a VISTA shirt that will be remembered for the 2022 edition.

The task at hand…

We wanted everyone to get creative. We wanted a shirt that would sum up VISTA 2022 and live on. Everyone had the exact same brief… to create a shirt that encompasses everything that is VISTA. Is it teamwork? Is it the future? Is the family-oriented feel? Or is it simply that it is “more than a competition?”

The ideas that came back were amazing, and to us one of them really stood out through attention to detail and the incredible meaning behind it.

Introducing the winner and their shirt… Jordan Ramadiansyah.

The interview…
It’s great to finally meet the man behind the shirt! How long have you worked for Volvo Trucks and what’s your role?
It’s been about 12 years now since I graduated from secondary vocational school. I am part of the workshop & field department, as a mechanic in the action service team, with 12 years of experience from mechanic trainee until the present day,

What makes you take part in the VISTA World Championship?
VISTA provides many interesting experiences, and it gives an opportunity to improve skills and knowledge in a different way. You also get the opportunity to see and meet other Volvo Trucks colleagues from various countries… especially in the of origin of Volvo trucks, Sweden!

Tell us some great facts about your team…
We have wide selection of team members, from different work placements. To be precise, we have members from different cities including Balikpapan, Jakarta and Tanjung Tabalong. My job is as the action service team leader, as we rarely meet, we get together for VISTA only using group chat. Our personalities are different but trust each other’s abilities… and this is the first VISTA final for three people in our team.

What is your favourite part of VISTA?
My favourite part is when I find only the right answers to questions! I’m joking… It’s great to try and solve the VISTA questions and search for the latest information from the cases in the questions… it really helps to improve my skills and experience.

Now, with your shirt design… where did the brilliant inspiration come from?
It started when I was very interested in electric trucks because of the environmentally friendly technology. Also, when I saw the campaign about the CO2 Roadmap on YouTube and the mission of the VISTA application, I was very inspired. So, this gave me the basis to the design of VISTA clothes.

How did you settle on the design and colours? Do they mean something?
I was inspired by the CO2 Roadmap campaign, and I took the colours from there. The shape of the lightning bolts symbolizes electricity, and the circle shape reflects the earth. The shirt is meant to show that Volvo Trucks really cares about the environment and the world. A lasting impression that the brand will continue to remember about this campaign over the next few years until we reach the target: One Mission, Zero Emission.

How does it feel to win? Knowing you have created the first ever VISTA shirt?
It feels amazing, and I can’t wait to tell my closest people and customers, plus showcase “Zero Emission goal” for Volvo Trucks.

As the shirt will be a legacy piece for years to come… do you think this is a great way to remember each VISTA competition?
It gives a great foundation to show everyone that anyone can participate in the VISTA competition.

And finally, if there is one word to describe VISTA, what would that be?