Meet Team Bamse, A Norwegian Team Competing In VISTA 2022

A couple of months into VISTA 2022, the teams have just completed Pitstop 1. We take time to catch up with Team Bamse, from Norway, as they catch their breath after an intense competition round.
Meet Team Bamse, A Norwegian Team Competing In VISTA 2022
*Bamse – The World’s Strongest Bear’ is a Swedish cartoon created by Rune Andréasson.

Hello Team Bamse, could you firstly introduce yourselves?
Team Bamse is made up of 4 people, Rolf Ove, Jon Kristian and Sebastian, who have participated in VISTA many times before, and Cristine who is new to VISTA.

Rolf Ove Røstad is, a Bus Key Technician, and has worked with Volvo Wist Last & Buss in Heimdal for 12 years. Jon Kristian Molde is, a Bus Key Technician, and has worked with Volvo for 22 years. Christine Lademoe started with Volvo as a truck apprentice who moved over to Bus and completed her apprenticeship last year. She now works as a mechanic in the Bus workshop and has been with us for 3 years. Sebastian Przylucki is key technician on trucks. He joined Volvo in 1999 at Nijhof Wassink, Poland, before moving to Norway and joining Volvo Wist Last & Buss in 2016.

Our team mascot is Bamse* and our theme melody is Bamse theme song.

Why are you participating in VISTA 2022?
VISTA is an opportunity for us to develop more in our roles, to understand and learn more about the systems we got available in Volvo. At the end we will be able to serve our customers better because of what we have learnt during the VISTA championship.

Our goal is to reach the final. We hope we can perform among the top three Norway teams, but there are many good teams out there fighting for places, so we do not have time to relax.

Three team members are Bus technicians. What advantages does that give your team?
Of course, we hope for lots of questions about buses, where we will have an advantage.

A big advantage for us is that we already worked with hybrids and electric vehicles for many years. Rolf Ove and Jon Kristian have worked here long enough to remember when we got 10 hybrid buses in our area in 2010 and 25 electric buses in 2019.

We think there is a benefit to being bus technicians. We are used to looking in different places to find information. And we also try to keep updated on what is happening on the trucks side.

How was round one of the competitions? How did you perform?
There were a lot of difficult questions, and we worked hard during this period. We met regularly to discuss and compare our answers, but we did not get full score. We ended up in second place in Norway.

Tell us about Pitstop 1. What was your experience of this part of the competition?
We spent a lot of time preparing for the pit stop, a time-limited theoretical session. We all had high pulse rates when we opened the questions. Fortunately, we have Cristine on the team. She is good at taking the lead and making us all relax and focus. The questions were not easy even with good preparation, so we are waiting anxiously to find out how we performed.

Do you anticipate any challenges ahead? Are you doing anything to prepare for that?
All parts of the VISTA competition are challenging, and we like that.

Everyone in the team tries to take as many e-learnings as possible and we actively follow the news about electromobility.

What is it like to work for Volvo?
We think it is absolutely fantastic to work for Volvo. Not one day is the same and new challenges await us.