Meet Your Vista World Championship Final 2022 winners

It is official… Team Kiired Insenerid from Estonia are the VISTA 2021-2022 world champions after beating 40 other teams to the prestigious title. The four Volvo colleagues visited Sweden.
“The emotion from Estonia is overwhelming… our workshop has been so supportive. Thank you for the experience.” – Team Kiired Insenerid, Estonia

The world final was held at the Volvo Training Center in Gothenburg over the past few days (6th – 7th September 2022) with every continent represented, a truly global competition. The 41 teams took part in an intensive day of competition that involved completing expert work station tasks, each within a 25-minute period.

From session one, the focus was clear from every team. The participants were full of energy carrying their nation’s flags as they entered the arena and they were left pumped with rousing speeches from Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks and Anna Westerberg, President of Volvo Buses. But once the first horn was sound, the finalists got straight into the action.

Roger Alm commented: “we have the ambition to be number one in terms of customer satisfaction; these technicians are making an impact and influencing that every day. So, what they are doing is fantastic and they are so very important to what we want to achieve. Well done to everyone who took part this year, and a huge congratulations to Team Kirred Insenerid!”

Anna Westerberg echoed Roger’s comments: “it’s a fantastic atmosphere, everyone is excited to be here. When the finalists were at the work stations – they were focused, engaged and you really felt it. This competition really acknowledges the fantastic work that is done every day by our service technicians supporting our customers. Congratulations to everyone, you are all winners!”

As the competition continued, teams got a real sense of how tough the final was and being at your best was key. Team Volgaroos (Australia) and Team The Edgers (North America) both had the same view: “we’ve had a great time and it’s really special. You can’t take it away from anybody… it’s amazing to be here.” Team Iron Knight from India also expressed: “We enjoyed the atmosphere as well as being a little nervous, it was a great experience!”

As the VISTA 2021-2022 week came to an end, the gala dinner did not let up. An incredible night of celebration with all the teams connecting and making memories.

Anna Rogbrant, VISTA Project Manager: “It’s an honour and pleasure to lead the VISTA project. It’s amazing to see it all come together and to welcome teams from all over the world to compete. VISTA is always about being more than a competition, and after the last few years, this week has proved that. What an incredible few days and an amazing effort from everyone involved. An incredible achievement by Team Kiired Insenerid from Estonia… now they must defend their title!”

Thank you to everyone who entered this year, and to everyone supporting the teams, VISTA and on the social media channels. Keep up to date with the latest news including the Highlights film and exclusive photos by following the VISTA Facebook page, the VISTA Instagram profile and keep checking this website.

Your VISTA 2021-2022 Final Results

FIRST PLACE: Team Kiired Insenerid, Estonia

SECOND PLACE: Team Titan, Denmark

THIRD PLACE: Team Swissta, Switzerland