Bringing new bus tech skills to VISTA

Mads Garlid and his three team-mates are gathered around a computer screen, making quickfire suggestions to each other as a stopwatch ticks down to zero. The pressure in the room is palpable, but as the siren sounds to signal the end of the task, there is a clear satisfaction among the team that things appear to have gone well.
Bringing new bus tech skills to VISTA

Mads and his Trucknor Stryn team are from Stryn in Sogn og Fjordane, western Norway. They are in Gothenburg to take part in the VISTA 2015-2016 semi-finals. Mads is a bus technician at Trucknor Sogn og Fjordane AS and is involved in the reparation of Volvo buses, using Volvo techtool checking and programming the onboard electronic systems and the telematic system. They work hard to keep updated with new developments in electrical systems.

It’s clear on meeting Mads that he is enjoying the demands of the VISTA competition. “It’s a big challenge. We have already learned a lot by completing the first three rounds of 30 questions each, so it’s just great to be here in Gothenburg.”

The reparation work that the Trucknor Stryn team perform in their daily roles -and their knowledge of the new technology involved – has clearly helped them when completing the VISTA competition tasks. When the 2015-2016 competition began, they had two teams involved at their location. Eight competing team members’ names were drawn out of a hat into two separate teams. Mads and his three colleagues succeeded in qualifying for the semi-final, while the other four almost made it but had to stay at home in Norway.

As for his team’s ambitions in this year’s VISTA, Mads is not looking too far ahead. “We would like to get as high up among the Norwegian teams as possible. Then we will see how it goes from there.”