Impressions from the world final

The VISTA world final was a rare opportunity to bring together Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses workshop personnel from all over the world. We asked selected teams to share their thoughts about the competition and the whole experience.
Impressions from the world final

Babine PG, Canada

“Every time we compete in VISTA we always learn something that later when we’re in the workshop, makes go ‘you know what, I saw this in VISTA last week’, and you become more fluent with the information.

It’s a challenge here because the European trucks are so different. We can figure anything out with enough time but we just don’t have enough time.

It’s amazing that Volvo is willing to invest so much into this competition and bring everybody together like this. It shows they are really proud of their product. We get to talk to people who do the same jobs as us in other countries, who we never would get to talk to otherwise, and we’re all here because we like working with Volvo. I’m always impressed to hear how different their jobs are, but also how similar.”

Rookies, Norway

“We’re really enjoying the whole experience: being able to work together and meet all the other competitors. Last night, we were talking to the team from Peru, and it’s really interesting to compare notes and hear how differently they work.

VISTA really helps you to learn how to use the whole dealer portal and find answers. At our workshop, we try to get all the new guys involved because it’s so good for team building and learning.”


SMT RDC, Democratic Republic of Congo

“Working together as a team is very important in Africa. Because of skills shortages, we need to be able to share our knowledge and compliment each other’s skills. We are used to working together towards a common goal, and this helps us to be a strong VISTA team.

We are the first time from the Congo to reach the VISTA world final, and we have shown the other branches in our country that it is possible to go this far. At the start of the competition many teams did not even want to do the first round because they thought they would embarrass themselves. But we have shown what you can achieve so next VISTA, there will be a lot more teams from the Congo.”


Red Dragons, Indonesia

“It has been very challenging and many things are quite new to us – some of these trucks we don’t even have in Indonesia. But we are confident that we can solve the work tasks. VISTA has been very enjoyable, and as the competition increases, we have become more engaged as a team.”